I Chilean Conference on Social Networks

Special Issue on “I Chilean Conference on Social Networks”

Aim and scope:

From January 4 to 6, 2023, the I Chilean Social Network Conference (ChiSocNet) will take place in Santiago, Chile. The conference seeks to bring together, for the first time in Chile, those working on applying Social Network Analysis (ARS) theories or methods in any context. The conference is organized by the CHISOCNET network, created in 2017, which brings together Chilean academicians, researchers, and practitioners working on ARS topics. The conference will be hybrid since it will be held on-site and online (in the Metropolitan Region). Six free workshops open to the public will be considered. This way, there will be a promotion and educational dissemination of what the ARS is.

This special issue is derived from this conference, based on the papers presented. This issue will help spread the work in the Latin American community. In addition, it will be a space for those who actively use the ARS. This publication will allow the generation of new knowledge and material in different languages that can be used for teaching.


  • Social media analysis
  • Social networks
  • Community
  • Latin America
  • Chile

Important dates:

  • 8-12-2022: Submission of articles
  • 27-03-2023: Submission deadline
  • 1-07-2023-Notification decision*

(*) Articles will be published as soon as they are accepted.

Guest editors:

  • Alejandro Espinosa-Rada, Social Network Lab, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Francisca Ortiz Ruiz, Millennium Institute for Care Research (MICARE), Santiago, Chile. Email: franortizruiz@gmail.com
  • Diego Palacios, Society and Health Research Center (CISS), Universidad Mayor, Chile. Email: palacios@umayor.cl


Chilean Society of Social Network Analysis CHISOCNET: www.chisocnet.org

Guidelines to follow:

  1. Papers must be written following the journal's editorial guidelines.
  2. Papers will be processed in our anti-plagiarism software, and more than 25% text similarity will not be accepted.
  3. All work will be peer-reviewed.
  4. Papers in English, Spanish and Portuguese will be accepted. The publisher has a translation service (optional) at a low cost, and authors can use it if they wish. Fees can be deducted here.