The silence of the data says a lot; pay attention: a brief exploration of visual exploratory analysis




Visual exploratory analysis, graphs, open data


This article proposes the use of visual exploratory analysis as an essential tool in analysing open data, qualifying it as an efficient way to overcome the epistemological obstacle of informational silence. It presents two briefcases of open data exploratory visual analysis experiments that reinforce the use of this technique as a guide for insights. It shows the methodology consisting of data pre-processing, calculation of social network analysis metrics, and visual exploratory analysis. It concludes that visual exploratory analysis is an essential guide to conjectures that will target later confirmatory quantitative methods.


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Camilo de Sousa Netto, M., & Luiz Pinto, A. (2022). The silence of the data says a lot; pay attention: a brief exploration of visual exploratory analysis. Advanced Notes in Information Science, 2, 15-23.